LOUIS HEUDELINNE (before1680-after1705): Livre premier (Suites 1-3), CHARLES HENRI BLAINVILLE (1711-c.1771): Premiere livre (Sonatas I-VI).

Catalogue Number: 12O020

Label: Pan Classics

Reference: PC 10279

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Predating our ownership of RI, these two releases featured, 1) an almost completely unknown composer whose 1701 set of three suites show an extremely high level of technical accomplishment and, 2) a slightly better-known personage primarily an author of theoretical treatises whose six sonatas date from around 1750 and combine French and Italian styles in the style of those composers of the day who supported the stylistic goƻts reunis. 2 CDs for the price of 1. Hamburger Ratsmusik, Simone Eckert (treble viol, pardessus de viole). Original 1996 and 1997 Christophorus releases.


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