JEAN-PIERRE GUIGNON (1702-1774): Violin Sonata in C Minor, Op. 1/9, LOUIS-GABRIEL GUILLEMAIN (1705-1770): Violin Sonata No. 4 in A, JACQUES DUPHLY (1715-1789): 3 Pièces de Clavecin, JEAN-BAPTISTE CARDONNE (1730-1792): Violin Sonata No. 3 in E Minor, JEAN-MARIE LECLAIR (1697-1764): Violin Sonata No. 12 in G.

Catalogue Number: 12O030

Label: Pan Classics

Reference: PC 10278

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: "Leclair and his Rivals" is the title of this disc and, true enough, Guignon and Guillemain were not only active at the same time in the orchestra of the royal court but they all learned from the same Italian violinist. Duphly and Cardonne, of course, are of a later generation and Duphly's work (1756) is on its way to the Classical sonata. Leila Schayegh (violin), Jörg Halubek (harpsichord).


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