VAGN HOLMBOE (1909-1996): Sonatas for Solo Guitar No. 1, Op. 141 and No. 2, Op. 142, 5 Intermezzi for Solo Guitar, Op. 149, Duo Concertato for Violin and Guiar, Op. 167, Parlare del più e del meno for Solo Guitar, Op. 176, Canto e Danza for Recorder and Guitar, Op. 191, 7 Folk Ballads for Recorder and Guitar.

Catalogue Number: 12O074

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226143

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: As you can see, we're getting down to types of music you may never have known Holmboe composed. All of these guitar works are late, dating from 1979-92, but most of them are still in the composer's characteristic metamorphosing style - if that matters, since they are lovely to listen to and easily appreciated even if you never heard anything by Holmboe before. And the Canto e Danza has a warm, southern European color to its neo-baroque style while the Folk Ballads are arrangements of actual folk songs, four from France and one each from Israel, Denmark, Ukraine and Denmark (I know that's eight... there's also an "encore" tacked on). Jesper Sivebæk (guitar), Johannes Søe Hansen (violin), Bolette Roed (recorder).


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