GEORG KRÖLL (b.1934): Tagebuch for Piano.

Catalogue Number: 12O077

Label: Telos

Reference: TLS 119

Format: CD

Price: $33.98

No Longer Available

Description: Begun in 1987, Kröll's "Diary" is based on calculations he made in the late 70s on the tone-row used by Schoenberg in his Op. 25 Suite for Piano. Multiplying the number of notes in the row with all their possible permutations, he came up with 504; each of the Tagebuch's pieces comes from one of those permutations (no, he won't live long enough to "complete" the diary). Many are less than 30 seconds in length (there are 124 tracks here also some of them contain more than one diary entry) and the longest is under four minutes. Each is elaborated in meticulous detail and Kröll makes many musical references to kindred spirits: Kurtág (a good friend), Hans Zender, Rolf Riehm, Klaus Huber, B.A. Zimmermann. So, for people who enjoy, say, Kurtág's ongoing series Játékok, or other aspects of post-Darmstadt serialism, this will be right in your line. 2 CDs. Udo Falkner (piano).


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