ERIK NORBY (1936-2007): The Rainbow Snake, Rilke-Lieder for Mezzo-Soprano and Orchestra, Edvard Munch Trilogy for Orchestra and Mixed Choir.

Catalogue Number: 12O079

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 8.226096

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The Rainbow Snake was Norby's breakout work in 1975, a 17-minute symphonic poem after an Indian legend (rainbow=snake) which gave him an opportunity to use dazzlingly impressionistic orchestration to depict the rainbow in a form which arcs from silence to spectacular light and color and back again to darkness. The Munch Trilogy combines expressionistic touches with impressionism and romanticism; the prints are "The Scream", "The Sick Child" and "Funeral March", the outer ones setting the Dies irae and the central one wordless vocalizing. The Rilke-Lieder of 1985 are redolent of 1920s German Expressionism. Tremendously enjoyable disc for even the most mildly adventurous 20th century orchestral collector! German-English texts. Hanne Fischer (mezzo), Coro Misto, Aarhus University Choir, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra; Bo Holten.


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