HUGUES DUFOURT (b.1943): Lucifer d'après Pollock, Voyage par-delà les fleuves et les monts.

Catalogue Number: 12O081

Label: Timpani

Reference: 1C1195

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

No Longer Available

Description: A number of Dufourt's large orchestral works make specific reference to paintings, and the reasons, and the connection between his chosen compositional techniques and those of the graphic arts is readily apparent. Dufourt was on of the original Spectralists, credited with originating the term, and his evolving use of acoustic phenomena has led to a strikingly vivid instrumental palette, in which transitions of color and texture, object and ground, foreground and background and perspective are represented by changes in timbre, interference between frequencies, spatial effects and acoustic illusions. Lucifer, after Pollock's 1947 canvas, is not so much a representation of the processes and actions of abstract expressionistic methods as a startling parallel to the painting's layers of material, forming a three-dimensional matrix that suggests levels of unconscious thought, ambiguous and disturbing. Voyage takes its inspiration from a more representational but no less stylized form of painting; a 10th-century Chinese landscape. Here, the sharply etched figures of vertiginous masses float and collide in luminous, stained-glass colors evoked by piled-up microtonal clustered harmonies and multiphonics which lend brush-stroke texture to the interweaving threads and planes of sound. Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra; Pierre-André Valade.


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