MICHAEL NYMAN (b.1944): Chamber Music, Vol. 1: Piano Trios 1992-2010 - Poczatek, The Photography of Chance, Yellow Beach, Time Will Pronounce.

Catalogue Number: 12O082

Label: Michael Nyman Records

Reference: MNRCD120

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: Poczatek (2010) is music that Nyman wrote for one of his experimental film projects, and more than the other works here, seems related to the style of his earlier scores for Peter Greenaway films. His mechanically repeated ostinati with constantly shifting, transforming melodic material layered over them remain a familiar technique; this score makes much use of unison presentation of strongly rhythmic material, leading to an even greater sense of obsessive insistence than usual. 2004's Photography, although characteristically based on repeated gestures, has a neo-romantic feel to its melodies, and less tonally chordal material with a wider range of pitch for some of its repeating cells. Yellow Beach is related to the music for Prospero's Books, alternating lush and very un-minimalist melodic writing with characteristically dynamic process-based structures. Time dates from 1992, and takes its title from a poem by Joseph Brodsky, protesting the killings in Bosnia around that time. Much of it represents Nyman at his least minimalistic, consisting of sections of impassioned, sweeping melodic gestures, often accompanied by uncharacteristic textures based on piano tremolandi and rippling scales, though other episodes unmistakably identify the composer. Fidelio Trio.


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