ROLF WALLIN (b.1957): 7 Imperatives, Etude 3, ASBJØRN SCHAATHUN (b.1961): Transcriptions of an Unknown Symphony, Stravinsky goes Bach and Schaathun goes Frescobaldi, ARNOLD SCHOENBERG (1874-1951): 6 kleine Klavierstücke, Op. 19, WALLIN & SCHAATHUN: 6 Commenaties on Schoenberg's Op. 19.

Catalogue Number: 12O088

Label: 2L

Reference: 085

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Wallin's set of aphoristic little character pieces each has a distinct harmonic sense that pervades the dissonant textures. Each piece gives an impression of the mood implied by the performing direction of each piece, the Imperatives of the title - 'Push' (agitated and propulsive); 'Lean' (of texture) 'Quit' (does so abruptly) and so on. Wallin and Schaathun were invited to write musical 'comments' on Schoenberg's exquisitely transparent Op. 19 miniatures, and the results are similarly buoyant, enigmatic and free of tonal gravitation. Schaathun's Transcriptions sounds like an extended essay taking as its point of departure the harmonic ambiguity of late Scriabin. The title is perhaps intentionally misleading; the predominantly slow, largely atonal music charts a mysterious, enigmatic course, occasionally embellished with rich chordal decoration, somewhere between Sorabji and Messiaen. Schaathun's other piece is a clever riff on Stravinsky's Bach references in the form of a gentle little encore piece, and Wallin's Etude contrasts crystalline and densely sonorous textures. Kenneth Karlsson (piano). SACD hybrid.


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