TAN DUN (b.1957): Concerto for Orchestra, Symphonic Poem on Three Notes, Orchestral Theatre.

Catalogue Number: 12O089

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.570608

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Characteristically colorful and approachable orchestral canvases, with perhaps the most bewilderingly eclectic blend of styles and influences so far from the composer. The Poem is a birthday tribute to Placido Domingo, and is based on a musical monogram - La Si Do. It brings together elements of tribal drumming, the energy of West Side Story, a kind of Hollywoodized romanticism, and what the composer refers to as 'rapping', which isn't really. Orchestral Theatre is a much earlier work, and is less ingratiatingly tonal and rhythmic than the composer's recent pieces. It represents primitive rituals with a combination of atonal and eastern folk elements. The recent Concerto is related to Tan Dun's opera Marco Polo (07L113), and layers coloristic sonorous effects and references to middle- and far-eastern music onto a largely neo-romantic idiom. Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra; Tan Dun.


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