NARCÍS CASANOVES (1747-1799): Sonatas No. 1 in A, No. 2 in A, No. 4 in F and No. 5 in F, BENET BRELL (1786-1850): Sonatas No. 1 in C, No. 2 in C, No. 2 (II) in F and No. 3 (II) in C, JOSEP GALLÉS (1758-1836): Sonatas No. 3 in C, No. 8 in G Minor, No. 14 in G and No. 21 in A.

Catalogue Number: 12P025

Label: Columna Musica

Reference: 1CM0298

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

No Longer Available

Description: This disc of Catalonian keyboard sonatas show just how long the old Domenico Scarlatti/ Soler model of the single-movement binary sonata lasted - the Brell works are in a handwritten manuscript dating to 1819 but we are not given dates for the others. They do show evolution in the fact that the Casanoves pieces were plainly written with the harpsichord in mind while Brell and Gallés had the extended possibilities of the fortepiano in mind in many places.


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