GEORGI CATOIRE (1861-1926): Evening, Op. 9/4, Spring Again!, Op. 9/1, The Mermaid's Song, Op. 11/1, 'Tis no Breeze from on high, Op. 11/4, As if on hot embers, Op. 19/1, All day she lay dazed, Op. 29/2, Save me!, Op. 32/1, You are the rustling of tender leaves, Op. 32/2, No, I cannot go to sleep, Op. 32/3, The words fell silent, Op. 32/4, In this murky life, Op. 32/5, 6 Poems by Vladimir Solovyov, Op. 33.

Catalogue Number: 12P046

Label: Antes Edition

Reference: BM319286

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: Catoire's straddling of the line between Russian late Romanticism and the harmonic avant-garde of Debussy and Scriabin has been evident in his violin-and-piano pieces and in his piano concerto (although not his symphony). It is plain to hear here too, especially in the last two opus numbers, composed in the tumult of the Russian Revolutionary period. Russian (Cyrillic)-English texts. Yana Ivanilova (soprano), Anna Zassimova (piano).


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