LASSE THORESEN (b.1949): Mythes Étoilés, ANDERS HILLBORG (b.1954): Mouyayoum, TOIVO TULEV (b.1958): Tanto Gentile, MARTINS VILUMS (b.1974): Gaw ek-dad kard, GYÖRGY LIGETI (1923-2006): Lux Aeterna.

Catalogue Number: 12P073

Label: Aurora

Reference: ACD 5083

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: This recording arose from Thoresen's 'Concrescence Project', intended to research and encourage new vocal techniques, the incorporation of microtones and alternative scales from different cultures and a spectromorphological approach to vocal composition. Thoresen's own work, a large-scale, three-movement setting of a symbolist poem by Giacinto Scelsi, incorporates a bewildering array of techniques of which microtones and spectrally derived cluster chords are only the tip of the iceberg; organum and plainchant assailed by a barrage of animal noises and shouts, ingenious imitations of electronic effects, and all manner of vocal styles and effects occur constantly throughout the piece. What is perhaps most remarkable is that the result doesn't sound like a mess, an exhibition of funny noises, or a research project, but a convincingly cogent, impressively solemn, imposing and emotionally compelling musical edifice. Vilums' work is constructed using microtonal scales, and strongly evokes some ancient ceremonial, inspired by an early Zoroastrian creation myth. Hillborg's Mouyayoum is, by contrast, an almost immobile cloid of slowly fluctuating, pulsating, radiant, almost electronic-sounding choral sounds. Tulev builds an harmonically and texturally vastly extended soundscape based very audibly on traditional sacred polyphony, in a mystical, ecstatic setting of Dante. French/Latin/Italian-English texts. Latvian Radio Choir; Kaspars Putnins.


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