SUNLEIF RASMUSSEN (b.1961): Motion/Emotion for Wind Quintet, Andalag #1 for Flute and Clarinet, Four Gardens for Wind Quintet and Piano Quartet, Andalag #3 for Clarinet and Horn, Cantus Borealis for Wind Quintet, Winter Pictures for Piano and Wind Quintet, Andalag #11 for Alto Flute and Bassoon.

Catalogue Number: 12P076

Label: Dacapo

Reference: 6.220643

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: While Rasmussen's music has always been concerned with a Romantic view of nature as the setting for human emotion, two very distinct stylistic periods are evident in these works; Cantus borealis and Winter Pictures from the 1990s evoke nature through complex, serially organized composite structures and the quasi-spectral construction of organic sounds. The works of the past decade, on the other hand, are decidedly tonal, with a strong sense of the modality and intervals characteristic of Faroese folk music. Motion/Emotion, alternating propulsively motoric movements with fluidly organic ones, is clear and concise in structure and very direct and accessible. The same is true of the Andalag pieces, from an ongoing cycle of works; these are eloquent melodic duets, with a distinct folk flavor, conventionally played aside from a few instances of vocal multiphonics. Four Gardens (2003) is somewhat of a transitional work, more dissonant and complex of texture than the recent pieces, but without the literal onomatopoeic nature-sounds of the early ones. Cantus borealis features remarkably realistic and highly effective evocations of the natural sound of the winds, achieved by the players tonelessly blowing through their instruments. The last section begins with a wild, melancholy, beautiful melody, lost in a barren landscape of inchoate nature-sounds, evoked by eerie microtonally inflected shifting soundscapes. Members of the Lapland Chamber Orchestra; John StorgĂ„rds. SACD hybrid


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