2012 Musiques Nouvelles

PIERRE BARTHOLOMÉE (b.1937): Le Rêve de Diotime for Soprano and Ensemble, PHILIPPE BOESMANS (b.1936): Chambres d'à côté, DENIS BOSSE (b.1960): Obstinatissimo for Alto and 16 Musicians, STÉPHANE COLLIN (b.1962): L'Âme et la Danse for Countertenor, String Quartet and Soprano, JEAN-PIERRE DELEUZE (b.1954): ...Et les sonances montent du temple qui fut, BAUDOUIN DE JAER (b.1962): Eclerectric Attracta for 2 Violins and Cello, RENAUD DE PUTTER (b.1967): Addio a Te for Soprano and 21 Instruments, JEAN-PAUL DESSY (b.1963): Le Retour de Refoulé for Saxophone Quartet, String Quartet, Piano and Percussion, JEAN-LUC FAFCHAMPS (b.1960): En 2011, toutes les 4 secondes... for Percussion Solo, BERNARD FOCCROULLE (b.1953): Gestes for 5 Percussion, 3 Clarinets and 3 Brass, JACQUELINE FONTYN (b.1930): Méandres for String Trio, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion and Piano, MICHEL FOURGON (b.1968): Micro-concerto for Piano and 16 Instruments, GILLES GOBERT (b.1971): Pièce for Piano, String Quartet and Percussion, VICTOR KISSINE (b.1953): Partita for Piano, Harp and Strings, JACQUES LEDUC (b.1932): Échanges for Guitar, 5 Strings and 5 Winds, CLAUDE LEDOUX (b.1960): Torrent for Cello and 10 Instruments, PHILIPPE LIBOIS (b.1954): Étude No. 4 for Ring Modulator, Filter, Freeze and Leslie, ANNE MARTIN (b.1969): Hepta for 7 Instruments, BENOÎT MERNIER (b.1964): Les Niais de Sologne for 8 Instruments, PAUL-BAUDOUIN MICHEL (b.1930): Terza Rima for 12 Instruments, DENIS POUSSEUR (b.1958): Mouvement 1 & Mouvement 2 for Solo Cello, JEAN-MARIE RENS (b.1955): Zap for Solo Guitar, TODOR TODOROFF (b.1963): Réminiscences (Electroacoustic), HAO-FU ZHANG (b.1952): 3 excerpts from Luo Gu Jing for 4 Percussionists, HENRI POUSSEUR (1929-2009): La Seconde Apothéose de Rameau, Madrigal III, Quintette à la mémoire d'Anton Webern, Stèle à la mémoire de Pierre Froidebise.

Catalogue Number: 12P086

Label: Cyprès

Reference: CYP4650

Format: CD

Price: $35.98

Description: Celebrating 50 years since the founding of Musiques Nouvelles, which predates such more well-known new-music ensembles were founded in England, France or Germany. Centered on the French-speaking provinces of Belgium, Musiques Nouvelles commissioned every one of the works created by the 25 composers represented here (all live recordings made between 1988 and 2012). The late Henri Pousseur, who founded Musiques Nouvelles along with Pierre Bartholomée, gets a whole disc to himself in tribute. Needless to say, the stylistic spread is wide, from electro-acoustic music to solo guitar and the levels of tonality range from quite to not at all. A very inexpensive six and a half hours of new music for adventurous collectors. 6 CDs for the price of 2. Musiques Nouvelles; Pierre Bartholomée, Patrick Davin, Jean-Paul Dessy, Mark Foster, Georges-Elie Octors, Fabian Panisello, Jean Thorel (conductors).


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