British Piano Music inspired by Italy

FRANCIS EDWARD BACHE (1833-1858): Souvenirs d'Italie, Op. 19, WILLIAM VINCENT WALLACE (1814-1865): La Gondola (Souvenir de Venise), Ange si pur (Romance de "La Favorite"), Fantasia de Salon sur Motifs de "Lucrezia Borgia", SIDNEY SMITH (1839-1889): I Pifferari, Op. 183, Siesta, Op. 180, Sérénade Vénitienne, Op. 201, Danse Napolitaine, Op. 33, WILLIAM WOLSTENHOLME (1865-1931): Venice (duet w/ Ermanno De Stefani [piano]), ARTHUR SOMERVELL (1863-1937): Tarantella in A Minor, MAUDE VALERIE WHITE (1855-1937): From the Ionian Sea, EDWARD GERMAN (1862-1936): Tarantella, HARRY FARJEON (1878-1948): 3 Venetian Idylls, Op. 20, Barcarolle, 2 Italian Sketches for Piano Duet (De Stefani [duet]), FRANK MERRICK (1886-1981): Tarantella, Op. 5., ERNEST MARKHAM LEE (1874-1956): Nights in Venice, EATON FANNING (1850-1927): Sorrento - Danza in modo di Tarantella, HENRY GEEHL (1881-1961): The Bay of Naples - Italian Suite, RONALD SWAFFIELD (1889-1962): Rapallo, CYRIL SCOTT (1879-1970): Tarantula.

Catalogue Number: 12Q037

Label: Sheva Collection

Reference: SH056

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

No Longer Available

Description: This may look like a huge grab-bag of short piano pieces (and it is) but it's also the biggest release ever of Bache's music: an eight-movement suite nearly 40 minutes long written right after the piano concerto which came out in Hyperion's Romantic Piano Concerto series (10J048). Unlike the Mendelssohnian concerto, Bache seeems to be pursuing an amalgam of late Classical/early Romantic salon styles from Hummel and Field to Steibelt and Wölfl with only the final movement actually attempting anything Italian in style. 2 CDs. Christopher Howell (piano).


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