Schulhoff plays Schulhoff

ERWIN SCHULHOFF (1894-1942): Sonata No. 2, Suite No. 2, Toccata on the Shimmy "Kitten on the Keys" by Zez Confrey, from Etudes de Jazz: Blues, Chanson and Tango, from Esquisses de Jazz: Blues and Charleston, from Partita: Tango-Rag, tempo di Fox à la Hawaii, Tango and Shimmy-Jazz, MOZART: Quintet in E Flat for Piano and Winds), LUDWIG THUILLE (1861-1907): Gavotte from Sextet in B Flat, Op. 6 (Taffanel Woodwind Ensemble).

Catalogue Number: 12Q074

Label: Parnassus

Reference: PACD 96011

Format: CD

Price: $12.98

Description: Mark Obert-Thorn transfers of German Polydor recordings (of the Schulhoff works) of the complete recordings made by the ill-fated composer at the height of his success. Erwin Schulhoff (piano). Recordings Berlin 1928 and London 1929 (Mozart and Thuille).


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