TIGRAN MANSURIAN (b.1939): Piano Trio, GAYANEH CHEBOTARIAN (1918-1998): Piano Trio, ARNO BABAJANIAN (1921-1983): Piano Trio in F Sharp Minor.

Catalogue Number: 12R042

Label: db Productions

Reference: dBCD168

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Three thoroughly attractive and approachable trios, two in a lush, romantic mold that will instantly appeal to anyone who enjoys Khachaturian's music, and one that ventures a little further afield while remaining firmly on the same tonal-modal axis. This last is Mansurian's trio, receiving its recorded premiere here. A serious work in five movements, written in 2001 in memory of Schnittke, it contains elements of that composer's eclectic idiom, as well as a closer approach to emulating the textures and timbres of folk music as well as following the melodic contours of Armenian folk idioms like the other pieces here. The central 'canzone' suggests a mouth organ or accordion, with an underlying drone throughout. The treatment of modal melodic lines, comparatively spare in harmony, in the two 'epigram' movements has more in common with Hovhaness than Khachaturian, and the introverted, enigmatic outer movements have something in common with Schnittke's late, economical, withdrawn, post-stroke style. Chebotarian's piece abounds in the kind of folk-inflected melodies beloved of Khachaturian, to whose music this early work in the composer's output bears a significant resemblance, with lively, dancing outer sections and s central slow movement, all in one seven-minute span played without a break. The Babadjanian is a substantiallyproportioned work in three separate movements. This is the most conventionally romantic piece here, with more than a little of Rachmaninov about its flowing melodies and rich harmony. A recurring theme binds the movements together in a satisfying, traditional formal scheme. Ann-Sofi Klingberg (piano), Annette Mannheimer (violin), Sara Wijk (cello).


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