LORD BERNERS (1883-1950): CD 1: Songs, Piano Music, Piano Duets and Historic Recordings - Polka, 3 Songs in the German Manner, 3 Fragments Psychologiques, Dialogue between Tim Filuter and his Man, by Ned the Dog Stealer, 3 English Songs, Le Poisson d’Or, Red Roses and Red Noses, 3 Petites Marches Funèbres, 3 Chansons, 3 Valses Bourgeoises, 3 Songs, Come on Algernon, Fanfare for 4 Trumpets, 4 Trombones and Percussion^, Suite:  Nicholas Nickleby*, Les Sirènes*, Les Sirènes - Prelude°, Les Sirènes - Mazurka°, Polka° (Meriel Dickinson [mezzo], Peter Dickinson [piano], Susan Bradshaw [piano], Richard Rodney Bennett [piano], Bernard Dickerson [baritone], Lord Berners [piano]°, Musicians of Kneller Hall; Captain H.E. Atkins^ - rec. 1934, Philharmonia Orchestra; Ernest Irving* - rec. March 19 & July 24, 1947), (Modern recordings - Unicorn LP 1977 (reissued on CD in 2000 by Symposium) CD 2: Complete Vocal and Solo Piano Music - Fantaisie Espagnole and 3 Morceaux for Piano Duet, Lieder Album, Le Poisson d’Or, Dispute entre le papilon et le crapaud, 3 Petites Marches Funèbres, 3 Chansons, 3 English Songs, 3 Fragments Psychologiques, 3 Songs, Portsmouth Point, Dialogue between Tim Filuter and his Man, by Ned the Dog Stealer, Polka, Valse, Red Roses and Red Noses, March, Come on Algernon, Bach/Berners:  In dulci jubilo, BWV 729 (Felicity Lott [soprano], Roderick Kennedy [bass], Peter Lawson [piano], Alan MacLean [piano]) (1994 and 1996 recordings originally issued on Albany CDs TROY 142 and TROY 290).

Catalogue Number: 12S046

Label: Heritage

Reference: HTGCD 199/200

Format: CD reissue

Price: $26.98

Description: A labor of love collecting all the songs and piano pieces from multiple sources which celebrates the famously eccentric English composer, painter and author, held in the highest regard by composers from Stravinsky and Constant Lambert to Michael Nyman and Gavin Bryars (who provided the original notes to the 1977 Unicorn 2-LP release which is contained on Disc One. Most of the songs were re-recorded almost 20 years later by Felicity Lott. Philip Lane provides the notes for Disc Two. A 36-page booklet provides two biographies and two sets of notes, providing a lavish appreciation of a true original. 2 CDs. Texts and translations included. 2 CDs.


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