ANDRÉS SEGOVIA (1893-1987): 11 Preludios, Estudio in B, Estudio para Deli, Recordando a Deli, Estudio-Vals, Estudio sin luz, 2 Estudios, Improntu, 2 Pieces, 23 canciones populares de distintos paises.

Catalogue Number: 12S050

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95369

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The titles of these pieces suggest that Segovia intended his music to be of practical use in teaching, and they do explore systematic areas of guitar technique. However, their poetic world is lyrical and introspective, occasionally tinged with an ironic or humorous touch. His style is close to that of the composers he loved most, such as the contemporaries, Ponce and Moreno‐Torroba above all, who wrote for him. but, there are also echoes of the Romantic guitar composers of the 19th century, including Tárrega, Llobet and traditional folk tunes from the Iberian peninsula. Alberto La Rocca (guitar).


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