SOFIA GUBAIDULINA (b.1931): Jauchzt vor Gott for Mixed Choir and Organ (First Recording), Sonnengesang for Cello, Chamber Choir and Percussion, Hell und dunkel for Organ.

Catalogue Number: 12S059

Label: BIS

Reference: 2276

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $19.98

Description: Despite its relative brevity, the setting of verses from Psalm 66 ”Shout for joy to God, all the Earth" encapsulates perfectly what makes Gubaidulina one of the greatest composers of religious music of our time. Beginning in an austere, chant-like a cappella texture, the work quickly develops into an overwhelming wave of complex, clustered polyphony. The organ enters in massive sonority and the music develops into a dialogue of opposites, the fire and water, ocean and dry land of the psalm. Incandescent clusters bathe granitic chords in fire before prayer bells usher in a final section which returns to the prayerful solemnity of the opening. The organ work "Light and Darkness" is also a study in the strongest of contrasts, with sonorist textured clusters and sepulchral rumblings alternating with dazzling clusters. The setting of St Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Sun is 'narrated' by the solo cello, which seems to intone and interpret the text, which is illuminated - in both the sense of a mediæval manuscript and floods of colored light through stained glass - by the chant and polyphony of the choir and the carillons and prayer bells of the percussion. German, Italian-English Texts. Ivan Monighetti (cello), Christian Schmitt (organ), North German Radio Choir, Elbtonal Percussion; Philipp Ahmann.


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