KAIJA SAARIAHO (b.1952): Chamber Works for Strings, Vol. 2 - Fleurs de Neige and Terra Memoria for String Quartet , Die Aussicht for Soprano and String Quartet, Aure for Violin and Viola, Nocturne for Viola, ...de la Terre for Violin and Electronics, Changing Lightfor Soprano and Violin, Du gick, flög for Soprano and Cello.

Catalogue Number: 12S065

Label: Ondine

Reference: ODE 1242-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Most of these pieces are exquisite miniatures, limned in the composer's familiar luminous colors and subtle, innovative sounds, conjuring images of snowflakes, breathlike breezes, the fragile interplay of evanescent shafts of light an brief, luminous shadows. The viola version of the Nocturne in memory of Lutosławski, arranged by the composer almost 20 years after the original, adds a darker, elegiac timbre to the work. The exceptions to these atmospheric vignettes are the two larger works, ...de la Terre and the original, string quartet version of Terra memoria (the string orchestra version is on 02Q068). ...de la Terre is a movement originally from Saariaho's 1991 dance piece Earth. A complex skein of violin texture weaves its way through a subtle landscape of pre-recorded nature sounds, with electronic augmentation, judiciously used, adding to the work's sense of mystery and scale. Terra memoria deals with the shifting, impermanent landscapes of memory, its tides of mutating repetition echoing the slow transformation of recollection of the departed by the living. Texts and translations included. Meta4, Pia Freund (soprano), Marlo Myöhänen (electronics).


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