THIERRY PÉCOU (b.1965): Orquoy for Large Orchestra, Changó for 3 Flutes and Orchestra, Marcha de la Humanidad for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 12S070

Label: Wergo

Reference: WER 7318 2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Like many of the works on the Pécou CDs we've offered previously (04R080, 03L108, 07K098) these pieces reflect his intense interest in ethnic musical cultures, especially those of Latin America, expressed in exuberantly colorful, rhythmically insistent tonality-based orchestral canvases full of vitality. Orquoy is an imaginary fiesta in a culture of the ancient Andes. The piece is a riot of ostinato rhythms based on short percussive motifs and swirling colors, with a feeling of a delirious shamanistic ritual, for all the world like a contemporary Le sacre with a Latin accent. Changó was inspired by an Afro-Caribbean ritual honoring two deities. The first part is a ritualistic invocation with the three solo flutes in the foreground, weaving an intricate, lyrical polyphony, supported by a rough tapestry of orchestral colors. The second movement is rhythmically agitated and propulsive, its orchestral eruptions (somewhere between Le sacre and Turangalîla) driven by hypnotic and increasingly frenzied traditional percussion instruments. 'March of Humanity' is a dense, sonorous tapestry of magical sounds and echoing, unformed sonic chaos, beginning with a riot of birdsong and pounding ritual drums supported by an expanded percussion section; most of the piece suggests untamed nature and only at the end do chords and fanfares usher in a huge processional of interlocking march rhythms. Orchestre National de France; Jonathan Stockhammer.


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