A Historical Nielsen Recordings Orgy

CARL NIELSEN (1865-1931) on Record: Vintage and Other Historical Recordings.

Catalogue Number: 12T033

Label: Danacord

Reference: DACOCD 801-830

Format: CD reissue

Price: $107.98

Description: Symphonies conducted by Thomas Jensen, Eric Tuxen, Launy Grøndahl and Tor Mann; concertos performed by Yehudi Menuhin, Emil Telmányi, Ib Eriksson and others; orchestral music from Mogens Wöldike, Fritz Busch, Johan Hye-Knudsen and more; chamber works played by the Koppel Quartet, Royal Danish Orchestra Wind Quintet and others; songs with Axel Schiøtz; two complete Maskerades (Jensen and Mann) and a Saul and David (Grøndahl). This is the most comprehensive collection ever of historic Nielsen recordings, featuring many of the musicians who knew Nielsen personally. All the performances in this box set are musical documents of considerable historical importance. From the pioneering piano recordings of the 1930s through to the songs and early orchestral works and on to the benchmark recordings of the six symphonies with the Danish State Radio Symphony Orchestra, this collection is a unique treasure of Nielsen recordings of immense importance. Not only are original phonogram recordings transferred, but also rare studio and live recordings stemming from the Danish Radio Archive are included. All the major works by Nielsen are here, some in various versions and all newly transferred at Abbey Road Studios. A large comprehensive booklet by Nielsen expert Lyndon Jenkins is also included. 30 CDs.


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