JURAJ KOJS (b.1976): Tatry for Piano Quartet, In_still_ness for Piano, Where the Light Surrenders for Viola and Piano, The Harbingers of Light for Soprano and Piano.

Catalogue Number: 12T068

Label: Cedille

Reference: CRC 375

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Kojs is a Slovakian-born composer living and working in the USA. These pieces all relate in one way or another to his Slovakian heritage, reflecting the folk music and evoking the landscape of the region. The pieces are all tonal and approachable, with a post-minimalistic fondness for repeated gestures in the dance rhythms of the Slovak highlands. Tatry is a five-movement suite that explores dances and a mystical view of the landscape, while In_still_ness alternates toccata-like passages with static episodes of meditation. Where the Light Surrenders consists of sections of motoric dance rhythms and lush, folk-like Romantic melody, and the song cycle, to poetry by the composer, Kathryn Alexander and Margaret Lancaster, has something in common with the Romantic lieder tradition, minimalism in the rippling piano accompaniments, and popular song. Kimberly Soby (soprano), Deering Estate Chamber Ensemble.


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