ARTHUR SULLIVAN (1842-1900): The Light of the World (World Premiere Recording).

Catalogue Number: 12U003

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7356

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $24.98

Description: In this highly successful oratorio of 1873, Sullivan broke with taboos against representing Jesus as a human being and concentrated on his preaching, healing and prophesying (in the first person) in the first half and, in the second half, with the utterances such as the self-avowal of being the Son of God, leading to the dramatic events ending in the Crucifixion. The excellent notes discuss the subtle ways Sullivan differentiated Jesus’s character from the other human figures in the story and there’s even a separate note on “The Theological Significance and Message” of the oratorio for those of you into late Victorian theology. 2 CDs. Texts included. 2 CDs. Texts included. Natalya Romaniw, Eleanor Dennis (sopranos), Kitty Whately (contralto), Robert Murray (tenor), Ben McAteer (baritone), Neal Davies (bass), Kinder Children’s Choir, BBC Symphony Chorus, BBC Concert Orchestra; Gavin Sutherland.


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