HERBERT HOWELLS (1892-1983): Lambert's Clavichord, Op. 41, Howells' Clavichord (Books I and II).

Catalogue Number: 12U049

Label: Prima Facie

Reference: PFCD065/66

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: These works are the result of the composer's discovery of the sound of the clavichord and a life-long love of Tudor music. He undertook to write a set of pieces in the style of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book for Herbert Lambert, the clavichord-maker, in 1927 and the result was a 12-piece suite with each movement dedicated to a friend or colleague. Howell's Clavichord came in two books of ten pieces each (1941 and 1961), the original impetus being a dedication to Lambert's successor Thomas Goff. Hyperion released a recording in 1994 of John McCabe playing these sets on a piano and the notes, while trying to justify the use of a medium-sized grand and judicious sustaining pedal, note that "there is still, of course, a case to be made via a recording using a clavichord, which would be a fascinating juxtaposition to this one." Well, here it is. Julian Perkins (clavichord).


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