Popular Music of the Great War - Belgium

GEORGES LAUWERYNS (1884-1960): Holidays, C’est la saison d’aimer, El Opera Tango, WILLEM-JAN PAANS (?-?): La valse rousse, C’est la valse du passé, HIPPOLYTE ACKERMANS (1886-1965): Le charme étrange, L’avocate, La sabotine, IVAN CARYLL (1861-1921): The Pink Lady, AUGUSTE EGERICKX (18??-19??): Baron Zeep, AUGUSTE EGERICKX & CARL MAI (18??-19??): La canonette, ÉMILE SIROUX fils (18??-19??): The Most Beautiful Suffragette.

Catalogue Number: 12U069

Label: Musique en Wallonie

Reference: MEW 1889

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A Belgian version of last month’s Tea for Two on Naxos (11U080) which also shares the composer Ivan Caryll in songs and salon music that helped keep spirits up, however temporarily, in Wallonia and Flanders during the First World War. French-English texts. Joëlle Charlier (soprano), Maxime Melnik (tenot), Tivoli Band; Éric Mathot.


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