The Thomas Jensen Legacy, Vol. 4

HERMAN D. KOPPEL (1908-1998): Fest-Overture, Op. 33 (Live, June 11, 1950), VAGN HOLMBOE (1909-1996): Epitaph: Symphonic Metamorphose, Op. 68 (Live, May 22, 1959), SVEND ERIK TARP (1908-1994): Symphony No. 2 (Live, March, 1962), POUL SCHIERBECK (1888-1949): Largo, Op. 33, Paraphrase over “I Danmark er jeg født” (Live, Feb. 15, 159, Natten, Op. 41, Häxa, Op. 48 (Live, June 5, 1958), CARL NIELSEN (1865-1931): Symphony No. 1 (Decca 1952), Symphony No. 2 (HMV 1947), Little Suite for Strings (Orchestra of Kongelige Kapel - HMV 1941).

Catalogue Number: 12X041

Label: Danacord

Reference: DACOCD 914

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Both in his native Denmark and around the world, Thomas Jensen became known for his uniquely authoritative interpretations of Carl Nielsen’s music. His postwar Decca and HMV studio recordings of the first two symphonies are inflected with unrivalled sweep and passion. They are coupled here with a full 71-minute CD of previously unpublished broadcasts of music by four Danish composers from the generation after Nielsen, including the brooding Largo which set the scene for Carl Th. Dreyer’s cinematic masterpiece, Ordet (“The Word”). 2 CDs. Copenhagen Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra; Thomas Jensen.


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